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 Estate Planning Attorney in Houston, TX

estate planning attorney Houston, TX

Most of us prefer not to think about what happens once we are gone, but we must for the sake of loved ones and legacy. An estate planning attorney in Houston, Texas, can make the process easier- helping ensure the right decisions and provisions are made with your finances and assets.

At Fleurinord Law, we provide personalized, customized services to guide and advise you through estate planning. Our Houston legal team is one of the top choices for people who want to leave behind a fair, well-planned estate.

What Is Estate Planning?

In short, estate planning is managing your wealth, assets, and property and organizing what should happen in the event of your passing. Your finances are considered- and the estate planning attorney helps you arrange the best wealth conservation strategies and distribution options.

Many things come into play when you are planning your estate:

  • The physical property you own (houses, cars, etc.)
  • All of your bank accounts and their contents
  • Any investments you have
  • Your insurance policies
  • The rest of your personal belongings

When a person passes away, these assets make up their estate- which usually goes through a process known as probate or estate administration. The point of estate planning is to make these processes easier for your loved ones- thanks to a clear plan for what will happen. It also helps you find ways to conserve your wealth in the best ways possible using the financial tools available. 

What kinds of things might an estate planning attorney assist with? Here are some of the core considerations that everyone should make- regardless of how simple or complex their property portfolio may be.

A Will

A person’s will is one of the most important legal documents they will ever draft- which is why it is crucial to consider the advice of a professional estate planner. The final declaration of instruction determines what should happen with your property, finances, and belongings- and makes it much simpler for your loved ones to divide what you leave them according to your wishes.

Your will can name legal guardians for any minors in your care- as well as pass on deeds to real estate, ownership of cars or other valuable property, and split and remaining funds in the way you want.


The other critical components in Houston estate planning are trusts. Trusts are beneficiary arrangements designed to keep property or assets safe, private, and protected until their contents are transferred to a specified individual. It allows the contents to avoid probate and be directly put under the care of a trustee to be passed onto the designated beneficiary.

In simple terms, trusts shield specified property (usually money) from external factors until released to the person named in the agreement. They are essential to estate planning to maximize the financial support you leave behind. 

Medical Wishes

If the worst happens and you find yourself the victim of a medical emergency- or you end up hospitalized at the end of your life, the decision on what happens to you passes to your loved ones. This can lead to arguments and leave you in a situation you never wanted to face- so it is essential to state your wishes through DocuBank. 

DocuBank is a program that lets a person state their medical wishes for their end-of-life care- letting them leave on their terms and saving their loved ones from the weight of a difficult decision. A subscription to DocuBank- offered complimentary to all Aventura clients who plan their estate with Fleurinord Law- lets your doctors and family members see exactly what you want. 

Why Hire an Estate Planning Attorney in Houston, TX, through Fleurinord Law?

  • Our team has years of experience helping Houston residents plan and protect their estates.
  • Every client gets a free subscription to DocuBank- so your medical wishes will be heard should the moment arise. 
  • Leaving things unplanned leads to potential hardship and complications for your loved ones- but we can help you stop that from happening.
  • Planning your estate with us can help reduce taxes, hold-ups, and unnecessary costs for your beneficiaries.
  • It is never too soon to put a plan in place- and we make the process easier to manage.

Contact Us Today to Take Your Future and the Future of Your Loved Ones a Step in the Right Direction

Regarding estate planning, Houston, TX, residents are in safe hands with Fleurinord Law. Contact our team of elite legal representatives for advice, information, and guidance on the best ways to effectively plan your assets for the maximum benefit to the loved ones you leave behind. 

Don’t put off planning for what comes after you- gain peace of mind with the help of Fleurinord Law