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Operating a business comes with a great deal of responsibility. When making important decisions about your business, it helps to have the advice of an experienced lawyer. Fleurinord Law PLLC understands all of the laws and regulations that apply to businesses in Houston and the surrounding area. We can help you make the best choices in every situation.

Business Planning Attorney Aventura FL

Protecting your personal assets from business risks

In order to protect your personal assets from business risks, you need to form a proper legal entity for your company. Structuring your business properly will also protect against other risks, such as risks related to investments, business agreements, and employee actions. Our firm can help you select the right structure for your business and complete the necessary steps to establish it.

We can also help with other legal concerns you may face as you operate your business, such as drafting contracts or dealing with disputes.

Utilizing insurance to minimize unforeseen costs

Small business owners need insurance coverage to protect against a variety of risks. The right insurance policies will prevent your company from paying out-of-pocket in the event of a lawsuit or accident. It will also add to your peace of mind, making it easier for you to grow your company and ensure maximum profitability.

Our firm can help you decide which types of insurance you need, as well as the level of coverage that will provide the most benefit.

Implementing accounting systems to track business performance

Every business needs a solid financial system in place to track expenses and revenue, ensure taxes are paid, and deal with payroll concerns. Our firm understands accounting principles and requirements. We will help you make sure the system you implement is meeting all of your needs.

Minimizing tax liabilities

With inaccurate tax preparation, businesses can lose a great deal of money. For example, if you aren’t taking advantage of all available credits and deductions, you may be paying more than the law requires. Alternatively, if you fail to pay certain taxes you owe, such as sales tax, you could face serious penalties.

Fleurinord Law PLLC understands complex tax requirements. Our goal is to make sure you are in full compliance with all tax laws while also minimizing the amount your company pays in taxes.

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